Also known as ‘The Protector of Light’ short story

After weak and quite superficial, yet decent investigation on how the brain works, I’ve come to define it as a machinery of thoughts with controllable and uncontrollable parts. An ever-evolving and transforming machinery, not always to our own benefit. A very…

Just chill

Are people nowadays as concerned with their life’s purpose as they were a century or two ago? (and by “people” I don’t refer to the philosophical elites who have always dedicated themselves to the human existence, since Antiquity at least). I wouldn’t know how to answer this question. …

When I was a kid, I was a loser. Ough, great story, let’s hear it!! :)) I am laughing now at this idea, but at that time, it seemed pretty terrible to me.

As a lame, loser person, you know your “worth”. You don’t have what people call nowadays a…

This is an article dedicated to some extraordinary beings: trees.

You are an oasis of the ecosystem. A temple of life.

You nurture creatures of all kind and do not judge.

We have met in other unfortunate situations as well … not the brightest cases.

You are patience.

You are…

Sometimes I find myself fearing too much happiness. Like somehow it is a whole lot and it will soon be taken away from me. This happens because of two reasons: I generally tend to believe in a homeostasis, a balance between “happiness” and “unhappiness” in life, and secondly, because it…

Anca Iordăchescu

Art, sustainability, biking, travelling enthusiast. I write for and with pleasure. I think life’s just a perspective. You read my name as *you’re the keskoo*.

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