Also known as ‘The Protector of Light’ short story

After weak and quite superficial, yet decent investigation on how the brain works, I’ve come to define it as a machinery of thoughts with controllable and uncontrollable parts. An ever-evolving and transforming machinery, not always to our own benefit. A very loud one, as well. It’s full of whatifs and backthens and notenoughs, maybe. And it can get overwhelming, specifically in hard times.

So I hereby present you a dialogue from the inside of my head, which I need to transcribe here just to mock up this machinery and find ways…

Just chill

Are people nowadays as concerned with their life’s purpose as they were a century or two ago? (and by “people” I don’t refer to the philosophical elites who have always dedicated themselves to the human existence, since Antiquity at least). I wouldn’t know how to answer this question. Not sure it would matter, actually, as my peers definitely seem to have this anchor weighing down their necks, and it’s a common subject of interest in conversations.

How many times have you heard this “What are we doing here?”, “What am I doing with my life?”, “Where am I going?”, “Where…

When I was a kid, I was a loser. Ough, great story, let’s hear it!! :)) I am laughing now at this idea, but at that time, it seemed pretty terrible to me.

As a lame, loser person, you know your “worth”. You don’t have what people call nowadays a “hairstyle”, your clothes look like you’re about to travel back in time, and you know shit about the world. When you’re a loser and you know it, “clap your hands”, clap-clap.

So I had this perspective of me being uncool and unfit, and I also had very few friends. I…

This is an article dedicated to some extraordinary beings: trees.

You are an oasis of the ecosystem. A temple of life.

You nurture creatures of all kind and do not judge.

We have met in other unfortunate situations as well … not the brightest cases.

You are patience.

You are the lesson, and the master who teaches the lesson.

You are shelter. I feel safe with you.

You are the way.

You are hope.

You are sacrifice.

You are a parent, and an inner child growing.

I keep my clothes in a mahogany version of you. …

Probably not. You’d call me ugly, stupid, not knowing what I lose, naïve, silly, a cunt. Actually, you did. Because I dared to say ”No” to you, and not give you the second chance, or not even the first. :)

See, you only call me ”beautiful” as a means to get what you want. You do not feel it, or think it (necessarily). I am not a beautiful woman, compared to a “standard” society has defined, let’s say, but I am also aware I have my own charm and charisma, I’m fine with this, I don’t need to be like…

-40 years ago, a new generation of people emerged from the world’s mass. The people that understood population growth can be stopped and in order to ensure a future for the entire planet, took the decision not to have kids and instead adopt or simply not raise children at all. I was one of them and this is the story I was asked to share with you today.

My audience was all ears. It was like telling a bedtime story, with a soft and deep voice.

-In 2018, the world was truly desperate and more crowded than ever. There was…

What has been roaming the chambers of my mind more intensively than before in these days is the idea of “greatness”.

I’ve been one step ahead or behind the fine line of mediocrity and average since I know myself. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. How-EVERR, I don’t want to be average, to be “ok”, to be “good”. …

Sometimes I find myself fearing too much happiness. Like somehow it is a whole lot and it will soon be taken away from me. This happens because of two reasons: I generally tend to believe in a homeostasis, a balance between “happiness” and “unhappiness” in life, and secondly, because it is not that I don’t believe I deserve it, but I fear it is overwhelmingly delusional. Probably an irrational thing to think, right?

Of course, happiness is what we create inside of us and technically, it should be independent of external factors — because we own it, through our attitudes…

I am not going anywhere

One Step At A Time

Noticeably, on Medium, the spectrum of people sharing their experiences, products and talent is largely diverse, which is something I appreciate (hooray diversity!). I did not necessarily want to join the crowd myself, because you know I like to go against the grain. However, this is about gratitude and celebrating small successes. Firstly, let us settle it:

I am not selling anything here. Maybe myself, and my writing — Because for now, I just want to be better at it. There was a question and my answer to it:

If I told you that you wouldn’t be successful for the…

According to Carl Jung, ” Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” This is one of the quotes I have on my ”visual board”, to always keep in mind I should look inside of me, into my heart, my soul, my thoughts, for sometimes, I cannot find answers on the outside.

But what if …? I want to add to this idea a bit, for I don’t consider it enough to only look inside. Obviously, through looking inside, one learns how to look outside, but…

Anca Iordăchescu

Art, sustainability, biking, travelling enthusiast. I write for and with pleasure. I think life’s just a perspective. You read my name as *you’re the keskoo*.

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