I’m taking over my mornings!

I usually hate mornings, the whole wake-up thing, leaving the comfort of the bed, disrupting from the dream I just had. As if I’m interrupting an important story. I am so surly and I just don’t talk almost at all. Sometimes it looks like I’m in a competition with the grumpy cat!

So this made me thinking… why can’t I make my mornings better?

Mediteranean sea at morning, in Beirut, Lebanon

I know, i know, people said it before me, tips for success, productivity, happiness etc. etc. — “start your morning with good breakfast and good mood, fake it till you make it” etc. etc.

However, I really want to consider this, not for the sake of productivity or something else, but for the fact that I start a NEW day. Let me put some music that shakes me up, that makes me dance. Let me dance while I prepare my breakfast. Sing, to make me start talking.

We usually greet people with “Good morning”, but oftentimes it sounds so forced. Said with half a voice, it’s more like “gd mrnng”. Is it really good? Let’s truly give meaning to “good”!

Not all my mornings are bad, of course, I’ve experienced days in which I had woken up with so much energy, after a good sleep and I had felt like nothing can stop me from smiling all day long. But why should some mornings be like that, and some be bad? Why can’t I take over how my mornings look like?!

Wait … I can! Therefore, I’ll try this experiment. I’m sure it’s not necessarily going to make me a morning person, but at least a good companion, a person who is excited to start the day in a less boring way. And I’ll deal with the rainy ones (which are the ones I hate the most).

Even if the day awaits with hardships or problems I need to solve, I’ll make an effort. Maybe changing my attitude in the morning about, well, everything, will also change my perspective on whatever I’ll face later on in the day.

And I like how it sounds. Better mornings. Why not?

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