I Love You, Tree

This is an article dedicated to some extraordinary beings: trees.

You are an oasis of the ecosystem. A temple of life.

You nurture creatures of all kind and do not judge.

We have met in other unfortunate situations as well … not the brightest cases.

You are patience.

You are the lesson, and the master who teaches the lesson.

You are shelter. I feel safe with you.

You are the way.

You are hope.

You are sacrifice.

You are a parent, and an inner child growing.

I keep my clothes in a mahogany version of you. Thank you, although I didn’t ask, and you didn’t ask.

You are humble, and at the same time, glorious.

If you could speak, what would you say? I wonder. What horrors and beauties have you witnessed?

What is time for you?

You are THE air. I can sometimes feel you in my lungs.

We don’t treat you the way you deserve. I don’t treat you the way you deserve.

Forgive us. Forgive me.

You are love, and I love you the way you are: raw, wild, free, urban, bohemian.

Art, sustainability, biking, travelling enthusiast. I write for and with pleasure. I think life’s just a perspective. You read my name as *you’re the keskoo*.

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