I try to avoid, as much as I can, to be a mere appreciative user, and whenever I think I have something challenging to say, I say it, or I simply stay quiet. However, there are cases like this one — your article — that are simply excellent. Very good ideas, I agree with your point of view. But let’s say I don’t want to add up to the confirmation bias (“everyone is telling me my idea is great, thus it must be great”), what you propose here is that everyone should uplift themselves and create a path for personal growth. What about the people who live happily ever after in ignorance? For them, ignorance is bliss. Who am I to tell them — no, personal evolution is the “way”? Can anyone in our world hold the universal truth? Or maybe a perspective of it? (yet or not yet “scientifically” proven)

There’s the validation and criticizing of it. :) Also, I’d suggest, if you don’t mind, for future purposes, to include a conclusion at the end. I felt the article ended abruptly and did not necessarily encompass the point of dogma found throughout the article. Cheers!

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